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The Boudoir Beckons

A ladies bedroom changes in style many times during her lifetime. It transforms from teddy bears on the pillows and trophies on the shelves in her teen years,


Photo: Designkastle.com

to… shall we say… ahem… more mature content as she becomes more worldly 😉  The style choices of the All Vintage Lady may vacillate between the light and airy, comfy, coziness of cottage chic to the heavier, seductively beautiful boudoir design.

Photo: thedesigntabloid.com

And what the All Vintage Lady chooses to surround herself with, in her boudoir, defines her sense of style. Gorgeous antique silk hand fans, painstakingly painted all those years ago, add beauty to walls.


Vintage hand mirrors, made of celluloid, Bakelite and metal with beveled mirrors add a touch of romance. As do vintage hand~held hair brushes and clothing brushes. Beautiful to use and lovely adornments for her vanity or dressing table.


Photos: AllVintageLady.etsy.com



And what the All Vintage Lady chooses to wear also defines her style. Vintage lingerie whispers sweet nothings of bygone eras.


Photos: AllVintageLady.etsy.com


You’re welcome to find more boudoir items and boudoir decor by visiting All Vintage Lady on Etsy.